Quick Build Kit

Our Quick Build kit: Includes; a completely assembled ready to cover airframe, the engine and prop, the fabric and all the hardware and parts (less instruments and paint) needed to finish the airplane. Est.150 hr. build time.

A Quick Build kit ready to dismantle and ship.

All that's needed is to cover and paint the airframe and install the motor and instruments of your choice.

Est. build time for a Quick Build kit is 150 hrs.

Quick Build kit with a 447 Rotax, "B" box and a 60 in. wooden prop. $24,800.00

Quick Build kit with a 503 Rotax, single carb, "B" box and a 64 in wooden prop. $25,800.00

O'Brien Hydraulic Brakes w/ stick mount master cylinder. $625.00
Streamline Struts $550.00
2nd. Carb and dual carb. motor mount for 503 Rotax $425.00
Electric Start $790.00
Tricycle Gear $925.00
Ready to fly option add to Quick Build kit price,along with any of the other options wanted.
Ready to fly option includes: basic paint, Tiger Cub yellow w/black stripe on fuselage and basic inst. ALT, AS, compass,tach, EGT & CHT.

Quick build kits and Ready to fly airplanes are built to order as our work schedule permits.
For current delivery schedule call.
Johnston Aviation
724 745 4040

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