Tiger Cub UL

The Tiger Cub UL can be scratch built from plans
making it very economical to build!

Scratch building yourself an airplane is an exciting and rewarding project, especially when the time comes to take that first flight! There's just nothing like taking off for the first time, climbing above the fields and trees, in a plane that you crafted with your own hands. The time spent pouring over the plans and fashioning the many parts, seems a small price to pay for such a thrill!
Our very detailed plans will guide you, step by step through the process, in a logical and progressive fashion, from ordering the materials ( down to the last bolt and washer), to going through the preflight check list, in preparation for your first flight!

The plans include a complete materials and vender list .
The material list gives a list of the sizes and amounts of all the aluminum and chrome molly tube and sheet needed to build the airframe, a list of all the An hardware sizes and quantities needed and a list of all the rest of the materials needed to complete the airplane, with descriptions and venders part numbers for hard to find or describe parts.
The vender list is a listing of all the venders that we buy materials from and what materials they carry. All the materials needed to build a Tiger Cub UL (less engine prop and instruments) can be purchased from these venders for under $4500.00 as of 1/07.

The plans have full size prints of all the gussets,
...Typical gusset prints...

The gusset prints are organized by thickness from .025 to .125 the patterns can be cut out and traced onto the aluminum sheet with a fine tipped marker. No scaling from the plans required! directions and tips for cutting out the gussets are included in part one of the assembly manual.

Full size prints, of the chromemoly and machined parts, are included.

If you don't weld or have access to machines these prints can be taken to a local fabricating shop or machine shop, or they can be purchased ready made from us.

¼ scale prints (19" by 30" prints) of the wings, tail surfaces, fuselage and bulkhead panels. The panel prints have all the measurements needed to lay out the part on your work table, so you don't have to scale your measurements from the prints, eliminating a common source of errors.

The plans also include an assembly manual (over 200 - 11" by 17" ) pages of pictures and text), that gives step by step directions and tips to guide you through assembly, rigging, covering, wiring, plumbing and finishing.

Available since Jan. of 2000 over 300 sets of plans have been shipped (as of 1/2007) and Tiger Cub UL's are going together all over the world.

Est. build time for scratch built...650 hrs.

Price for a complete set of plans $250.00, To order send check or money order to,

Johnston Aviation
407 Morganza rd. Canonsburg, Pa. 15317
724 745 4040
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