parts packages
These parts packages have been put together to aid the scratch builder who doesn't have the time, skills, or the equipment to make all the various parts needed to scratch build an airplane. Prints and patterns are included in the plans to make all of these parts for those who do.

Chrome moly weldment package.

The package supplys all of the welded parts needed to build a Tiger Cub UL from the firewall back.

Chrome moly weldment package... $760.00

Machined parts package.

Supplies all of the machined parts needed.

Machined Parts Package... $395.00

Rib Kit

Supplies all the rib bows prebent, all the widgets, preformed and the wooden disks needed to build the ribs.

Rib Kit package... 9 ribs per wing... $462.00

Bent tube package.

Supplies the 1" & 3/4" dia. bent tubes, 1 joy stick, 2 wing tip bows, 2 rear cabin down tubes,2 stab leading edge tubes, 2 seat bows, 1 throttle quadrant arm rest bow and top & bottom motor mount bends.

Bent tube package... $320.00

Landing gear leg Package

This package includes, the 2 fiberglass main gear legs and the fiberglass tail wheel spring rod.

Landing gear leg Package... $96.00

Rivet Package: This package includes, the high tensile aluminum rivets needed to complete a Tiger Cub UL.

Rivet Package... $455.00

Misc. Parts Package: This package consists of various items that are difficult to find or to order in small quantities, I. E. 1.5" aluminum piano hinge, .375" by .25" forged bronze bushings, 3" by .25" by 4 ft UHMW polyethelene stock, 1- stainless tail post hinge, flaperon return springs, etc.

Misc. Parts Package... $106.00

Fiberglass Cowl Bowl: This package includes, the fiberglass nose bowl layed up with the aluminum mounting ring installed and the cowl mount brackets riveted in place, ready to fit and install on the motor mounts. No jell coat is used in the lay up to keep weight to a minimum. The layup is as it comes from the mold, filling of small air pockets and mold ridges may be necessary.

Fiberglass Cowl Bowl... $480.00

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