Basic Kit

More than a materials kit!
No welding ,machining or bending required!

Our Basic kit includes, a set of plans, all of the Parts Packages, listed on the previous page, and all of the additional materials needed to build a covered airframe. (less engine prop instruments and paint.)
The kit will also include the main bulkhead, rear cross tube and the flaperon mixer, already assembled. These three subassembly's are the most critical and the most difficult to build. Having them built in our drill guides and assembly jigs, assures a strong and square part, and reduces building problems considerably!

The Basic kit eliminates the hassle of having to order materials from six or seven different sources and tracking down all of the numerous small parts needed. Allowing you to concentrate on building your airplane instead of chasing parts.

Build time for a Basic Kit is 450 hours
Price for a Basic Kit $12,560.00
Shipping and crating additional.

To order call
Johnston Aviation
724 745 4040

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