Airframe Construction
Tiger Cub UL

The airframe is built of aluminum tubing with aluminum gussets and brackets at the joints, fastened together with bolts and rivets.

The stabs and elevaters ready for covering.

These pictures illustrate the straight forward method of construction, the tubes are assembled into panels with gussets. A drill and pop rivet tool are all that is needed.

Fuselage panels ready for assembly.

Cabin section assembled.

The panels are then bolted and riveted together to form the airframe!

Complete airframe ready for covering.

Above is a Tiger Cub UL airframe folded up. You can see how little space it takes up!
The struts are removed for folding. The plane can be folded up by one person in 20 minutes.

Whether you choose to scratch build from plans or purchase one of our kit options,the detailed plans will guide you thru the construction and assembly, in a logical and progressive order. A technical assistance line is maintained to answer any questions that may come up during construction.

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